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Upon acceptance of the following conditions, the Certified Company is entitled to use the IQMC INDIA Mark and the Marks of the Accreditors indicated on the company’s certificate. The Rules for Use of the Marks and the Certificate of Compliance are forwarded to the Certified Company. 


  1. The Marks (symbols/logos) may only be used on correspondence, advertising, and promotional material and must not be used except in connection with those goods or services described in the scope statement of the Certificate of Compliance. The symbols may be used only on those materials (i.e. letterhead, marketing literature, advertising, invoice stock forms, etc.) relating to the particular facility and processes/product lines included within the scope of certification. The following table provides guidance on the use of the Marks for various types of packaging and literature.

Reference:- On Product (Note 1) On larger boxes, etc. use for transportation of products (Note 2) In pamphlets, etc. for advertisement Use of Marks without a Statement (Note 3) Not Permitted Not Permitted Permitted (Note 5) Use of Marks with a Statement (Notes 3 and 4) Not Permitted Permitted (Note 5) Permitted (Note 5) 

Note 1:- Represents tangible product or a product in an individual package, container, etc. In the case of engineering, testing and analysis activities, this could be a drawing, bill of materials, specification list, test or analysis report or certificate.

Note 2:   Represents the over-packaging made of cardboard, etc. that can be reasonably considered as not reaching end-users. 

Note 3: This applies to Marks that have a specific form, including some basic description of its applicability. A statement in words alone does not constitute a mark in this sense, if such wording is both true and not misleading. 

Note 4: This could be a clear statement that "(This Product) was manufactured in a plant whose quality management system is certified or registered as conforming to the requirements defined in the ISO 9001 Standard."

Note 5: When using symbols or logos, adequate attention should be provided to avoid violation of use of the Marks in an unauthorized, misleading or otherwise disreputable manner as per Section 8.4 of ISO 17021. 

2. The Marks may be used by the certified company and must always be used in conjunction with the company's name and applicable Standard. The Marks must have the correct Certificate Number adjacent to it. The Certificate Number should be legible.

3.All Marks shall be used in a size that makes all of their features clearly distinguishable.

11. The certified company undertakes to discontinue any use of the symbols that are unacceptable to IQMC India and any form of statement that - in the opinion of IQMC India - might be misleading.

12. Upon termination of certification for whatever reason, the certified company undertakes to immediately discontinue all use of the symbols and to destroy all stocks of material on which they appear.



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