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IQMCINDIA Certification Pvt. Ltd.  is a leading registrar and audit services provider, Located in India, we have worldwide consultants and a global network of auditors skilled in a wide range of industries and quality standards. We have unparalleled experience in certifying supply chain operations so that they meet or exceed international accreditation requirements and rigid industry standards.

Your supply chain is critical to operations, and therefore vendors must clearly understand your requirements and consistently meet your criteria. Our first and second party audits help you develop and implement a qualification and development program to get the most out of your resources and remain competitive.

Through our internal audits, we identify opportunities for performance improvements. With these assessments, you can be confident that your vendors are in compliance with health, safety, quality, environmental, security and social accountability requirements.

IQMCINDIA Certification Pvt. Ltd. audits provide a variety of benefits to your organization, including:

·         Provide an accurate assessment of your suppliers' capabilities to meet your requirements

·         Identify areas where suppliers need to take action to meet your requirements

·         Analyze ways for suppliers to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency


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