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Second Party Audit Services



  •  Note: Internal audit services can be provided only to organizations whose management systems that have not been certified by IQMC India. Second Party Assessments (Second Party Audit Services) Issues with supply chain vendor performance can have a significant negative impact on your brand, bottom line and corporate image. IQMCINDIA Certification Pvt. Ltd. uses its experience in certification programs that meet or exceed international accreditation standards to work with your organization, understand your needs and requirements to develop and implement a vendor qualification program that aligns with your organization’s goals. Management System Training Courses to obtain the most value from a management system, an organization needs a solid understanding of the principles behind the system as well as the tools and methods of proper implementation of the system. IQMC conducts registered and non-registered management system training courses, including Awareness Training, Internal Auditor Training and Lead Auditor Training. We are Management Systems Certification Your performance – certified to the highest standards IQMC India.com At-A-Glance World Headquarters in India Meerut.
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